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A Bird’s Eye View on Racing Pigeons Breeding – Picking Up the Good Practices

Information about proper racing pigeons breeding is paramount to any pigeon racing enthusiast; this is because breeding these “Voyageurs” (a term used by pigeon racing goers) – apart from training – draws a very thin line between having a healthy pigeon fit for the sport or not.  While there may be countless DIY information online that talks about breeding your own Voyageurs, it is equally imperative for you to know how to filter out the ones that actually work from the ones that make the whole process more confusing.
Breeding Racing Pigeons
You can choose to go all scientific trying to know whether the cock or the hen gets the upper-hand as far as producing hatchlings that are bound to be champions are concerned; but the truth of the matter is that will all the jargons you are bound to encounter, being intimidated is almost inevitable. Simple and easy to comprehend information, in this case, ought to be preferred.

Racing Pigeons Breeding Information are Mere Guides

The first and probably the most important thing to remember before you plunge into breeding your own racing pigeons is the fact that different methods work in different ways for different people. Guide books are available that swear to the efficacy of their methods and testifies that a lot of people have already reached the heights of racing pigeons breeding. What you have to do is to keep in mind that the coin has two sides. Although their method worked for some, it does not follow that it will do wonders for everyone.
Mistakes cannot be avoided; the key is to realize that mistakes are unavoidable factors in any process and that’s important is for you to pick up whatever good from the set-backs you face. Books, online information, advice and tips are useful but consider them as guides. There are numerous resources that you can get pointers from but do not allow your breeding voyageur breeding be constrained by what you read. Do not be afraid to apply what you have picked from both the books and from experience; if the process fails, then re-adjust your methods based on what you have learned.
The key is read and absorb as much as you can, apply your learning and if confronted with speed-bumps, learn, re-assess and re-apply.

 Sensibility in Racing Pigeons Breeding

In many cases, the simplest principles in any process are easily taken for granted. In Racing Pigeons Breeding; this also holds true. If you think about it, the best breeder is in your loft and the most priced birds in your loft are your breeders. Having this information, common-sense will tell you that naturally, you should in no way risk your breeders and use them for racing.
Figuring out which among your birds are good breeders should not be rocket-science. All you have to do is to observe which bird shows the consistency in producing winner racers. In this case, it will be very wise for you to come up with some sort of a recording system. This will allow you to monitor any bird’s consistency accurately. While it can be a bit laborious to keep an in-depth record, this will help you improve better Racing Pigeons breeding in the long run.
You will not see seasoned fanciers race their best breeders and if you are going to pick-up one practice from them that actually work; this is the best choice to adopt.
In a lot of cases, it will do you good if you do not over-think simple matters and focus more attention to more important things that need undivided attention. Being sensible in every step of the way is a good practice.

Do Your Racing Pigeons Breeding Homework

Racing Pigeon Breeding
Now that you have a general overview about racing pigeons breeding, here are some additional pointers that are quite practical and simple to follow. Consider it as a handy checklist that will assist you jumpstart your voyageur breeding.
The first thing you need to do is to delegate an ample amount of time in research. This will the backbone of your bird breeding process and you can expect do continually study in every step of the way beginning with pedigree selection.
In selecting a pedigree, you have to make sure that every bit of information you get hold of is accurate. You must know the details of its winning record and breeding performance; only after determining this can you move on to the selection of the actual breeding process to employ.
Choosing the appropriate breeding method is critical. Tossing whether to go for cross-breeding, in-breeding or line-breeding can be tough especially when you are not backed with sufficient information about each method. You can talk to seasoned fanciers about the many challenges in breeding. For example, cross-breeding can be expensive while line-breeding can be a little bit cost- effective and less risky; although each has its own pros and cons. Every process has to be studied in detail and guidelines ought to be followed to avoid making the method counter-productive. That is why sufficient focus is needed.

 Racing Pigeons Breeding – Getting Ready to Take Off

Breeding plays a huge role in growing capable and winning racing pigeons. There are a lot of factors that can affect each phase of every breeding method and because of this; there are a number of breeders that find pigeons breeding procedure very complicated. However, complicated does not always mean confusing. The sport of pigeon racing is very rewarding and this is evident of the fame the sport enjoys all over the world and that fact alone balances out complications voyageur breeding can dish out. When you think about it, all it really takes is a good amount of dedication, effort, time and care on for any breeder reap the rewards of pigeon racing.
The bottom line is, whether you are simple a bird fanatic, a hobbyist or a budding fancier, make sure that you are well up for it because although it may seem like the easiest thing anyone can do, racing pigeons breeding will sure to give you a tough time if you do not take the necessary preparations.


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