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How to Build a Pigeon Cage or Pigeon House

If you want to start keeping pigeons as pets, you need to have a stable cage or house to serve as their
shelter. Pigeons can become quite a nuisance if you allow them to fly off and rest on any part of your house. A suitable pigeon house will also give them the opportunity to mate easily and will provide a place for them to nest.


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    Use your protractor to measure an 18.2-degree bevel right along an 8-inch edge of your roof piece. Mark this with a pencil and use your handsaw to cut the bevel. Sand the edge with fine-grit sandpaper.
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    Measure another 18.2-degree angle along the top side piece using your protractor. This should be the 6-inch side opposite your 4.5-inch side. Use your handsaw to cut through the angle and sand it with your sandpaper. Do the same for the bottom piece.
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    Use hot glue to attach the 4.5-inch edge of the side piece to the 7-inch edge of your floor piece. See to it that the 90-degree angle of your side piece is at the floor's corner. Use your hammer and a few nails to nail the side in place. Do the same with your remaining side piece for the other 7-inch edge of your floor. These pieces will form the walls on opposite sides of your floor. The back and front part of your platform should still be open as you nail the second side piece to your floor.
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    Use hot glue to attach the roof to the sides' top edges. See to it that the 18.2-degree bevelled edge of your roof is in line with the sides' back edges and that it creates a flat surface for you to attach the back piece in your next step. The roof should slope down over the platform's front.
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    Nail the roof in its place with nails and a hammer.
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    Lay your platform on its front, with its face down. Apply hot glue around the roof's back edges, floor and sides and press its back piece to your platform. The house's back piece should extend 2 inches above your roof and below your platform's floor.
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    Nail the platform to your back piece. Set it upright with its open front facing forward with your platform's floor standing parallel to the ground.


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